White guys connect!!

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“I was a P.O.P. local from birth. The ORIGINAL MASCOT. My dad rented surfboards under the Northside of the pier. All the guards at the park used to let me in for free. FUCK Disneyland, I had P.O.P., surf and all. I surfed the cove with Mickey Dora before leashes were invented.”

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Wes Kremer - backside wallride

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Ray Barbee
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Here’s a little TBT to Geoff Rowley’s first bit of U.S. coverage from a 1992 issue of Transworld.

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Royal Albert hall February 18th 1969 rehearsals.

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A good friend of mine was in a serious motorcycle accident. He was in critical condition, but good news is he’s slowly getting better. He got the news that he’s paralyzed from the waist down, but that there’s still a tiny chance he could walk again. Please donate to help the bill for his physical therapist. Anything helps:( link is in my bio


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January 1992.

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